Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ADVA's 100G Metro Blade is Competitive with 10x 10G

ADVA Optical Networking introduced a 100G Metro blade for its FSP 3000 DWDM platform promising competitive pricing compared with 10x 10G solutions. The new solution offers efficient 100 Gbps data transport across distances of up to 500km for service providers or large enterprises.

The foundation of ADVA's compact 100G Metro blade is in its non-coherent 4x28G technology: The company highlights four key efficiencies:

Cost Efficiency – Cost competitive with 10 lanes of 10G, the 100G Metro solution offers the lowest cost-per-bit transport available and immediately reduces network costs and expenditures from day one. This cost reduction guarantees lowest operational cost in all data center and metro network applications.

Space Efficiency – The 100G Metro solution's compact design consumes a fraction of the space of today's 10G devices, requiring less rack and floor space per bit thanestablished solutions. Since the ADVA 100G Metro solution consumes less space than 10 lanes of 10GE, users will not need to make any additional space in already overcrowded data centers when upgrading to higher spectral efficiency.

Power Efficiency – With low power consumption and miniscule heat dissipation, enterprises and carriers simultaneously reduce costs and operating expenditures while upgrading to 100G transport.

Spectral Efficiency - The 100G Metro solution outperforms the spectral efficiency ofexisting 10G solutions. Carriers and enterprises can more than double the capacity of their existing optical networks, thus protecting their network investment and extending the lifetime of their existing infrastructure.

"Today's metro networks are rapidly reaching capacity. Service providers and enterprises are struggling to transport the enormous amounts of data required and this could seriously impact business operations," commented Christoph Glingener, chief technology officer of ADVA Optical Networking. "100G is the only solution to this problem, but it needs to be developed throughout the entire network, not just in the long haul. Our 100G Metro is the first solution on the market to address this issue, enabling our customers to meet their business expectations."

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