Sunday, August 7, 2011

Verizon Offers Mobile Satellite Access to MPLS VPNs

Verizon is adding Mobile Satellite Solutions to its Private IP service suite, enabling corporate customers to gain access to their MPLS networks from anywhere in the satellite footprint in the continental U.S.

Mobile Satellite Solutions comprise any combination of auto deploy kits, communications trailers and an executive coach to provide dependable backup service and enhanced disaster recovery for customers looking for primary access, business continuity, digital signage, IPTV and content delivery.
"With Verizon's 20-plus years of offering satellite services to business and government customers, we are well-equipped to provide the flexibility and coordination satellite projects require," said Nicola Morris, vice president of marketing and strategy for Verizon Business. "Our Mobile Satellite Solutions offer the powerful combination of satellite technology and Verizon's Private IP network."