Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Telstra Returns to EBITDA Growth with Faster Customer Additions

Telstra reported full fiscal year sales revenue of A$24,983 million, up by 0.7%. EBITDA declined by 6.4% or $696 million to $10,151 million, beating guidance and including second half sales revenue growth of 1.8% and EBITDA growth of 0.7%. Telstra also announced free cash flow of $5.5 billion, the addition of more than two million mobile customers in Australia and Hong Kong, and an EBITDA decline of $696 million which was slightly better than expectations owing to productivity benefits and revenue growth achieved in the second half.

"This result demonstrates real progress in our initiatives to improve customer satisfaction, grow our customer numbers, simplify the business and develop growth opportunities. We have seen the company return to revenue growth and expect the momentum across the business to continue in 2012," said David Thodey, CEO.

Some notes:

  • 1.66 million new domestic mobile customers, including 645,000 new postpaid handheld and 914,000 new mobile broadband customers

  • 352,000 new mobile customers in Hong Kong

  • 158,000 new fixed broadband customers

  • 190,000 new T-Box® and 175 thousand T-Hub services

  • 659,000 new customers on bundled multi-product plans, with the total bundled base now more than one million.

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