Monday, August 15, 2011

Telefónica Germany, Telekom and Vodafone

Telefónica Germany, Telekom and Vodafone have agreed to establish their mobile payment service as an independent company. The new entity, known as mpass, will begin operating as early as this year.

More and more customers are taking advantage of convenient and secure payment via mobile or stationary internet from a mobile phone. Once the mobile payment scheme mpass is up and running, the three telecommunications providers plan to expand on their position in mobile payment. The new company will concentrate on stepping up distribution and marketing activities, as well as developing new products.

Aided by new technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC), the three carriers expect that mobile users will soon be able to make simple, secure and wireless payments in retail shops.

"Payment by mobile phone will increasingly feature in our daily lives," says Michiel van Eldik, Managing Director of Wholesale & Partner Management at Telefónica Germany. "It has actually been possible for several years. And the first NFC smartphones, with full functionality for all aspects of credit and bonus cards, are already in the stores. I think that even as early as next year, consumers will be leaving their credit cards at home and paying by mobile phone instead."

"Queues at supermarket checkouts will soon be a thing of the past," says Christian Illek, Director of Marketing at Telekom Deutschland, adding: "mpass will make mobile payment easier, faster and more secure than with conventional payment means. Within the mpass partnership we are not only applying the specific benefits of mobile phones in the payment market, but, more importantly, we are bundling our customer reach with that of our partners."

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