Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jobs4America: 4,000 New Call Center Jobs Per Month Enabled by Broadband

Widespread broadband deployment makes it economically feasible to bring back many call center jobs from foreign countries, according to Jobs4America – a coalition of call center operators that aims to create 100,000 new broadband-enabled, call center jobs in the United States over the next two years. The group estimates that an average of 4,000 call center jobs are already being created each month in the U.S. By their count, over 18,000 new call center jobs were created in the U.S. during Q2.

Already more than 5 million Americans work in contact centers. Currently 17 percent of all call center positions (in-house and outsourced) are home based and 80 percent of U.S. companies plan to use at home agents in the next
few years, according to figures cited from Frost & Sullivan.

On Thursday, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski presided at an event in Jeffersonville, Indiana where 175 new call center jobs were being created. He also announced 100 new call center jobs in Newark, New Jersey, 300 new jobs in Holland, Michigan, and 4,000 new jobs in St Lucie, Florida where unemployment is 12.5 percent.

Chairman Genachowski said, "This initiative involves meaningful job creation that will have a meaningful
impact across America. Bringing broadband to your town and home in the 21st century is like bringing in
electricity in the 20th – connecting you and your community to the larger economy and opening up new worlds
of commerce and opportunity."