Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ericsson Introduces Smart Services Routers Family

Ericsson formally announced its SSR 8000 family of Smart Services Routers (SSR )for both fixed and mobile networks.

The SSR, which the company highlighted at MWC earlier this year, is being developed by Ericsson Silicon Valley (formerly Redback) and runs the Ericsson IP Operating System. The Smart Services Router (SSR) is being positioned as a "multi-application" platform for advanced services on both fixed access and broadband wireless access. Specific blades will deliver processing power for applications, including: video (caching), mobility (mobile gateway), business and residential services with powerful DPI and policy enforcement.

The Ericsson SSR 8000 family of Smart Services Routers, includes:

  • Ericsson SSR 8020, Smart Services Router, 20 slots, 16 Tbps system with 400G full-duplex slots combined with leading density (e.g. up to 800x1G or 200x10G ports)

  • Ericsson SSR 8010, Smart Services Router, 10 slots

  • Ericsson SSR 8006, Smart Services Router, 6 slots

The Ericsson SSR 8020 will ship at the end of 2011. Other Smart Services Routers will be available next year.

"To enable a truly Networked Society, operators must effectively manage an ever-increasing traffic volume and a diverse pool of applications and end-user devices. The network must not only be able to handle a tremendous volume of data, it must also address an unprecedented level of signaling traffic," said Jan H├Ąglund, Head of Product Area IP & Broadband, Ericsson. http://www.ericsson.com

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