Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cortina Deliver Packet Processing Punch for Residential Gateways

Cortina Systems has begun sampling new high-performance silicon for the next wave of multi-service residential gateways.

The newly announced CS7542/CS7522 devices are designed for the convergence of IPTV with DVB, router gateways, and DVR set top boxes. Such platforms will need to deliver simultaneous line rate bandwidth for secured data, voice, video, and mobile services without service degradation.

Cortina Systems is basing its solution on dual ARM Cortex A9 processors with DSP extensions capable of driving 4,000 DMIPS of performance. The design integrates a Gigabit line rate network engine with the ability to support QoS streams from the Service Provider. Cortina is also packing in the processing power for content DRM/CA systems and for advanced security features. In addition, Cortina's SoC solution integrates six transport stream inputs with the expectation that next gen residential gateways will serve IPTV streams as well as DVB and over-the-top content flows. Active power management features are also provided for meeting energy efficiency mandates.

"The digital home is in a rapid transition period where a new single service delivery model is needed to meet the growing demands and requirements for digital content and distribution," said Dr. Stewart Wu, Vice President at Cortina Systems. "To ensure the system's longevity and to support ever increasing bandwidth, Cortina's CS7542/7522 combines hardware‐accelerated, enterprise‐class, networking performance and security features with a flexible and scalable architecture to enable future value‐added services."

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