Monday, August 8, 2011

CENX Supports LightSquared LTE Rollout

CENX announced further expansion of its 4G-LTE wireless backhaul platform, including support of LightSquared's forthcoming wholesale LTE network.

CENX said it is ready to assist wireless operators implementing LTE who require ubiquitous Ethernet backhaul, which means integrating multiple access providers across a region. The CENX Ethernet exchange and wireless backhaul platform offers support systems for monitoring backhaul and SLAs that are Ethernet ready.

"Our decision to work with CENX was based on their unparalleled expertise in Carrier Ethernet and its exchange services," said LightSquared Chief Network Officer Doug Smith. "CENX's advanced OSS will help ensure LightSquared delivers a best-in-class integrated 4G-LTE wireless broadband and satellite network."

"Efficiently delivering the bandwidth required in the wireless backhaul space is the single biggest challenge in the industry; Carrier Ethernet, with its Multi-Class of Service capability, can break the bandwidth logjam and drive the lowest cost per bit and higher profitability," said Nan Chen, President of CENX. "We are proud to be supporting LightSquared's development of its industry changing network."