Monday, August 1, 2011

10X10 MSA Releases 10Km and 40Km 100Gbps Standards

The 10x10 MSA has released 10Km and 40Km specifications for longer reach applications.

The 10Km reach specification builds on already existing 2Km specifications to ensure backward compatibility and interoperability with the existing 10X10-2Km standard.

The 40Km specification leverages existing 10Gbps DWDM network specifications to enable seamless upgrade of existing 10Gbps metro links to 100Gbps over up to 40Km single-mode fiber without the need for regeneration or amplification.

"We are very pleased with the widespread adoption of 10X10 optical modules. The new 10X10-40Km standard enables up to 800 Gbps of data to transmit over a single fiber – that's the speed the industry needs." – Scott Kipp, Chair of 10X10 MSA and Senior Technologist at Brocade.

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