Sunday, July 10, 2011

VSS Monitoring Enables Network Monitoring Across the Cloud

VSS Monitoring introduced a new capability that extends the reach of network intelligence tools used for analytics, security and monitoring across IP and WAN networks while increasing network performance, security and reliability.

The goal is to simplify operational complexity, increase network monitoring reliability, and deliver higher ROI by optimizing and directing monitored data from devices and network switches to centralized analysis and security tools.

The vStack over IP feature captures and collects traffic throughout the cloud infrastructure, providing end-to-end visibility of network services and applications through the cloud. It delivers unprecedented scalability, enabling centralized network monitoring from any point in the world, accommodating conditions such as:

  • Resource migration to alternate datacenter;
  • Service delivery path change;
  • Tool farm failover or migration.

"We are once again leading the market, pioneering cloud interconnect capability and extending network access across the cloud, something no other vendor offers today," said Gordon Beith, director of product management at VSS Monitoring. "It accelerates our already strong momentum, taking us to the next level in offering the highest-value, most scalable network intelligence optimization solutions."