Sunday, July 31, 2011

USA Reaches Deals with Canada & Mexico on 700 MHz Sharing along Borders

The FCC announced deals with Industry Canada and Mexico's Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) for sharing commercial wireless broadband spectrum in the 700 MHz band along the U.S.-Canadian and U.S.-
Mexican border areas. The arrangement with Industry Canada also calls for sharing
spectrum in the 800 MHz band.

Under the arrangements, licensees on both sides of the borders will have greater access to the 698-758
MHz and 776-788 MHz bands.

The sharing is expected to facilitate the deployment of mobile wireless broadband systems near the U.S.-Canadian and U.S.-Mexican borders and will provide consumers in these areas with advanced opportunities for 4G high-speed mobile broadband access.

"These arrangements will unleash investment and benefit consumers near the borders by enabling the
rollout of 4G wireless broadband service and advanced systems for critical public safety and emergency
response communications," Chairman Julius Genachowski stated after signing the documents. "I
appreciate the commitment and dedicated efforts of everyone who has been involved in these
discussions to ensure that we are making the most effective use of this valuable spectrum."http://www.fcc.gov

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