Monday, July 18, 2011

Stoke Ramps up its Mobile Broadband Gateway Business

Stoke, which supplies mobile broadband gateways, anticipates 300% sales growth year-on-year as it continues to expand its global footprint and engage new service provider customers.

As of June 15, sales revenues had surpassed the 2010 total; the company in this area. Headcount is now at 160% and unit shipments have exceeded 400% of 2010. The company has recently added branch offices in France and Spain. Adding to its subsidiary entities in the UK and Japan, Stoke most recently opened a new subsidiary in Seoul, South Korea, where veteran Howard Lee joins as Regional Senior Sales Director and Korea Country Manager. Lee's career spans senior roles in telecoms and networking companies including Cisco, Samsung, Force10 Networks and Riverstone.

"We believe the company is at the point where we are ready to massively grow the business," said Stoke President and CEO Vikash Varma. "The changing industry dynamics have created huge interest in our innovative approaches and we are increasingly invited to the table with major industry players. Bookings for the rest of the year are extremely solid and we expect 2011 to be our first full year of profitability."

  • In February, Stoke upgraded its mobile data offload solution to enable core-bound applications to be deployed with greater effectiveness at the edge of the Radio Access Network (RAN).

    Through a set of enhancements to its flagship mobile broadband gateway, Stoke is providing the capability to selectively steer traffic at the edge of a mobile to a collocated Content Delivery Network (CDN). In laboratory trials combining the Stoke MDO with a collocated Content Distribution Network (CDN) edge server, mobile user website load time latencies have been reduced by 60%.

    Stoke said this new edge deployment location, together with control plane information not available in the network core, is affording application providers new opportunities for innovation and is already leading to service delivery improvements. Essentially, Stoke's selective traffic breakout solution enables application providers to improve performance and QoS by locating critical traffic control, optimization, and content acceleration functions closer to subscribers.