Monday, July 25, 2011

Spirent Supplies 100G Test for JPNAP

Internet Multifeed Co. (MF) has conducted the first 100G Ethernet IXP Interoperability Test (IOT) on its Japan Network Access Point (JPNAP), the country's largest Internet exchange, using the Spirent TestCenter solution, which was provided by Toyo Corporation, Spirent's channel partner in Japan.

The IOT, conducted in partnership with Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) and NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com.), Japan's two largest service providers, tested the interoperability of routers and switches from Brocade, Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. JPNAP, IIJ and NTT Com interconnected the routers and switches to test the interoperability of the physical and network layers, optical switches, routing exchange and redundant IXP topology at 100G speeds.

Spirent said the test used its TestCenter HyperMetrics™40/100G Ethernet module operating on the Spirent TestCenter platform.