Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SES-3 Satellite Successfully Launched

The SES-3 satellite was successfully launched on board an ILS Proton launch vehicle from Kazakhstan.

The SES-3 satellite, which is the largest was built by Orbital Sciences Corporation, carries 24 C-Band transponders and 24 Ku-Band transponders (36 MHz), generates approximately five kilowatts of payload power, and features a design life of 15 years. It will replace SES' existing AMC-1 satellite at the orbital position of 103 degrees West, a highly sought after location in the Centre of the North American arc, from where it will provide coverage of North America and the Caribbean.

SES-3's C-band transponders will provide service to blue-chip U.S. television networks broadcasting to over 4,350 cable head-ends in the U.S., while its Ku-band transponders will serve a range of enterprise customers with VSAT and broadband services.

Romain Bausch, President and CEO of SES, stated: "The successful ILS Proton launch of SES-3 marks an important event for SES' North American customers, as the new satellite will provide seamless continuity to some of our key customers for the next decade and beyond. SES would like to thank ILS and Orbital for a mission delivered on time and according to specifications. Timely access to space is of utmost importance to SES, as we implement the satellite industry's most important satellite replacement and fleet expansion program. We look forward to continue working with ILS as an essential provider in the launch industry."