Monday, July 4, 2011

RADWIN Launches High Capacity 2.5 GHz Wireless for North America

RADWIN introduced its wireless point-to-point solution is ideal for 2.5 GHz license-holders in North America. The RADWIN 2000 2.5 GHz BRS/EBS solution is aimed at carriers, ISPs, public and private organizations such as educational institutions (e.g. colleges, universities and school boards), many of whom were granted 2.5 GHz band licenses and must demonstrate substantial use of this spectrum by November 1, 2011. Otherwise, the licenses could be reclaimed by the FCC.

The RADWIN 2000 Point-to-Point system delivers up to 200 Mbps and up to 16 E1s/T1s with carrier-grade reliability.

Mike Cook, General Manager North America, stated: "The RADWIN 2000 2.5 GHz new BRS/EBS offering enhances our presence in North America as a leading supplier of high performance yet cost-effective wireless communications solutions, while addressing the broadband demand from many different market segments. With RADWIN 2000 2.5 GHz, operators as well as private networks can leverage the 2.5 GHz band, one of the most sought-after spectrum currently available. Moreover, institutions with a scholastic mission can drive education and distance learning initiatives in urban, suburban as well as rural markets."

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