Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Pluggable Transceiver Module Multi-Source Agreement for 40 Gbps

Leading optical chip manufacturers, including Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, OKI SEMICONDUCTOR, Opnext, Renesas Electronics, and Sumitomo Electric Industries, announced a transmitter optical sub-assembly (TOSA) and receiver optical sub-assembly (ROSA) Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) for 40 Gbps pluggable transceiver modules.

The new TOSA/ROSA MSA defines both the laser transmitter devices and the PIN Photodiode - Trans-impedance amplifier (PIN-TIA) receiver devices that comply with 40 Gbps interface standards. The MSA targets transmission modules for more than 10 km applications.

"The TOSA/ROSA agreement will leverage the 40 Gbps market to achieve compact, low-power-consumption pluggable modules, which will provide advanced 40 Gbps serial solutions to high capacity network and storage systems," said an MSA Committee spokesperson. In the future, the MSA will continue to define specifications that consider future advanced technologies, such as 1310 nm light source devices and direct modulation lasers. http://www.cfp-msa.org/http://www.xlmdmsa.org/


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