Monday, July 11, 2011

NETGEAR Chooses Quantenna 4x4 MIMO Chips for Video over Wi-Fi

NETGEAR will develop next generation residential gateway and video bridge products based on Quantenna Communications'Full-11n 4x4 MIMO chipset to enhance their wireless video distribution capabilities.

Quantenna's family of Full-11n™ chipsets uses the company's cost-optimized, third-generation 4x4 MIMO technology to deliver up to 600 Mbps of bandwidth. The chipsets enable manufacturers to build products for delivering IPTV and other video streaming and data distribution services throughout the home over an ultra-reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi connection.

"NETGEAR and Quantenna have worked closely over the years, and we continue to create products that set new standards for wireless HD video-distribution quality and reliability throughout the home," said Michael Clegg, senior vice president and general manager - Service Provider Business Unit with NETGEAR. "Our new Quantenna-based networking products will take advantage of the latest version of Quantenna's superior technology to deliver best-in-class coverage and performance."