Monday, July 25, 2011

LightSquared to Support Next Gen Push-to-Talk for Public Safety

LightSquared confirmed that its next generation satellite service will continue to ensure seamless communications among multiple law enforcement and public safety agencies at the federal, state, tribal and local levels. Specifically, LightSquared will continue to ensure the availability of Push-to-Talk and other critical communications for the nation's public safety community.

As part of this plan, LightSquared will:

Replace the current LightSquared public safety devices at no cost and continue to support older devices through 2014.

Work with the public safety community to design next generation LightSquared devices that meet the rugged standards demanded by public safety workers who work in a wide range of hostile conditions and environments.
Continue to support the Satellite Mutual Aid Radio Talkgroup (SMART) program on which public safety agencies nationwide rely to communicate.

In addition, LightSquared has formed its own Emergency Rapid Response Team that is prepared to travel to troubled areas to assist first responders at the local, tribal, state and federal level with interoperable satellite communications.


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