Thursday, July 28, 2011

GSA Notes Rapid Growth in LTE Ecosystem

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) confirms that 45 manufacturers have announced 161 LTE-enabled user devices, representing 155% growth in the number of products reported by GSA in early February 2011.

Alan Hadden, President of GSA, said: "The majority of LTE user devices are focused on the 700 MHz band where LTE networks are developing fastest. As LTE rollouts accelerate in other regions, particularly in Europe and Asia Pacific, where operators will primarily be using 2600 MHz, 1800 MHz and digital dividend spectrum, we expect manufacturers will follow to support them with products for those markets."

The breakdown of LTE devices by form factor is as follows:

Modules = 29

Tablets = 8

Notebooks/netbooks = 10

PC Cards = 2

Smartphones = 8

Routers including personal hotspots = 63

USB modems/dongles = 41