Monday, July 25, 2011

ECI Telecom Offers Packet Radio Backhaul for 4G/LTE

ECI Telecom is expanding its BG-Wave family of carrier-grade microwave radio with a new ​all-outdoor packet offering designed to support LTE in small-sized and high-capacity cell sites. The new offering includes:

BGW-OE, utilizing the conventional microwave spectrum (6 to 38 GHz), is a compact outdoor enclosure for the BG-Wave series of packet and All-Native multiservice radio nodes (MRANs). This enclosure is best suited for sites where putting an indoor unit would be physically impossible or cost-prohibitive. The BGW-OE provides full networking and multiservice capabilities including MPLS-TP and CES (Circuit Emulation) and includes advanced features like XPIC (Cross Polarized Interference Cancellation) to support high capacity links.

AR (All-Outdoor Radio) series, which utilizes the E-band spectrum (71-76/81-86 GHz). The AR series is highly compact and lightweight, and features low power consumption, allowing power over Ethernet (PoE). It supports full Layer 2 networking capabilities while utilizing a zero footprint architecture all the way to the last mile of wireless backhauling. The AR series use the economical and less congested E-band spectrum to deliver
up to 1 Gbps. It is the first cost and performance-optimized E-band offering for last-mile backhaul applications, leading to significant reductions in total cost-of-ownership.

These new offerings complement ECI's 1Net Wireless Backhaul Solution for a complete and cost-effective migration to next-generation networks, while addressing operators' day-to-day and strategic challenges. ​​​

"ECI's new offerings address specific pain points of our customers today, namely how to deploy effective wireless backhauling in new small, high-capacity cell sites. With this all-outdoor packet radio solution, we are expanding our toolkit offering to cope with the new backhaul paradigm imposed by the significant growth in the number of new small cell sites. These new offerings complement our 1Net Wireless Backhaul Solution, which delivers any service over any medium – be it copper, fiber or wireless," stated Alon Moshes, Head of Radio Line of Business, ECI Telecom​​.