Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cisco Catalyst Pushes 60-watt Power over Ethernet

Cisco introduced the first 60-watt Power over Ethernet capability via a new module for the Catalyst 4500E Switch.

Cisco's new Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE) linecard and UPOE splitter enables any device requiring up to 60-watt power to be powered by Cisco's Catalyst 4500E Switches. This includes Cisco IP phones, personal telepresence systems, compact switches and wireless access points. Cisco said this is twice the power per port compared to competing products.

Up to 120 UPOE ports can be supported in a single Catalyst 4500E chassis. Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet utilizes standard Cat 5e or higher cabling and RJ45 connectors to enable an easier deployment of this solution within existing infrastructures.

Additionally, Cisco announced that Samsung zero client desktop virtualization devices and BT IP turrets have integrated Cisco UPOE technology into their devices to allow customers the immediate advantage of using their existing Cisco network to power these solutions.

  • Cisco has been a leader in delivering PoE since 2000 when it introduced 7-watt inline power over Ethernet for powering Cisco IP Phones.