Sunday, July 10, 2011

6WIND Releases Packet Processing Software for NetLogic XLP832

6WIND announced the release of packet processing software optimized for the XLP832 multicore communications processor with 32 NXCPUs from NetLogic Microsystems. The integrated solution targets telecom infrastructure, enterprise networking and security products.

The new 6WINDGate software exploits the XLP processor architecture with quad-issue, quad-threading, out-of-order execution capability and frequencies of up to 2GHz to deliver exceptional packet processing performance. In addition, the 6WINDGate software is optimized to take full advantage of the XLP processor's advanced Fast Messaging Network, fully-autonomous programmable processing engines and a tri-level cache architecture to achieve up to 40Gbps of IPsec and 60 million packets per second of IP Forwarding performance on a single XLP832 processor running at 2GHz while ensuring that a subset of the cores remain available for application software.

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