Thursday, June 30, 2011

ZTE Introduces LTE Micro Base Station

ZTE introduced an LTE Micro Base Station designed for urban and indoor hotspot coverage.

The ZXSDR BS8920, which the company describes as the world's smallest commercially available LTE base station, offers a capacity of 150Mbps, with 2X10W transmit power and 2T4R modulation for a large footprint. The design of the BS8920 encompasses key features to reduce power consumption to as low as 100W average, with up to 30 percent lower deployment costs in terms of deployment compared to other distributed base stations.

The BS8920 is an Omni sector eNodeB product, with less than half of the size and weight of a standard remote radio unit (RRU). It also supports all-standard LTE frequency band spectrums, and AC/DC power supply.