Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Verizon Works with JANET(UK) on 100G

Verizon is working with JANET, the U.K.'s education and research network, on implementing 100 Gbps connections between academic institutions.

Jeremy Sharp, head of JANET(UK)'s Strategic Technologies division, said: "We have a strong reputation for serving education and research, and we are widely recognized as having a critical role to play in the U.K.'s future economic prosperity. JANET(UK) is committed to supporting the future of U.K. research and education. At a time when research and education is being asked to do more with less, this is a great example of how technology can not only be innovative, but a power innovation."

"Verizon is an innovative communications company with a long history of devising advanced solutions for our customers around the world," said Michael Bauer, director of European network planning for Verizon. "We have a great opportunity to share our engineering and network expertise with JANET(UK), and this teamwork gives the U.K. academic community an opportunity to use the latest technology available in the marketplace."

The Verizon solution also gives JANET a platform that can not only support the U.K.'s educational needs today, but will also provide a foundation on which future innovative educational services can be offered.

Managed by JANET(UK), the JANET network connects the U.K.'s academic community, helping teachers and students at universities, colleges, schools and research councils to access and share information – text, images and video -- daily, and is constantly working to deliver innovative educational services.

Verizon's extensive experience and strong understanding of JANET(UK)'s business objectives made the company the best fit to work with the organization from a technical, engineering, network operations and cultural perspective.

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  • In March 2011, Verizon activated a 100 Gigabit Ethernet link for an IP backbone on a portion of its European long-haul network between Paris and Frankfurt, a distance of 893 km. The deployment uses Juniper Networks' routers and Ciena's 100G Ethernet coherent optical transport solution