Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SiliconBlue Raises $18 Million for "mobileFPGA"

SiliconBlue Technologies, a start-up based in Santa Clara, California, raised $18 million in Series D funding for its "Custom Mobile Device" solutions for handheld applications.

The company is developing 40-nm, ultra-low power, standard CMOS process "mobileFPGA" device families. It currently offers 65-nm mobileFPGA products that provide custom sensor management, display management, power management and port expansion functions in mobile consumer products such as smartphones, tablets, eReaders, and digital still cameras. Series D funding will support the rollout of our next-generation 40-nm families targeting support of the explosion of sensors in handheld applications as well as support of DVI and MIPI interfaces designed for video, multi-display, and high-bandwidth memory interface applications.

Atlantic Bridge, a Dublin- and London-based private equity firm focused on domain-specific investments in late-stage and growth capital, led the financing, with the existing group of investors including BlueRun Ventures, Crosslink Capital, NEA and Apex Venture Partners all participating.

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