Monday, June 20, 2011

PAETEC Launches Enterprise Visual Messaging and Voice Mobility Apps

PAETEC introduced a Visual Messaging service which seamlessly integrates enterprise voicemail systems with leading smart phone and tablet devices. The service then automatically transcribes the voicemail to text, and both the audio file and transcription of the message are presented visually on the user's mobile device, eliminating the need to dial into voicemail systems.

The Visual Messaging product consolidates all voice messages for a user, including office and mobile voicemail, for quick and easy retrieval of the recorded voice message or transcribed text on Android, Apple, and Blackberry platforms as well as assorted tablets. The user may then review, reply, or forward the transcribed voicemail messages in the order of their choosing, even during a meeting.

Technology for the new service is the result of the 2011 acquisition of the Boston-based mobile applications provider, Iperia.

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