Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NSN Completes GSM Dual Full Rate Call with OSC-DFR

Nokia Siemens Networks announced the first pre-commercial call exploiting Orthogonal Sub-Channel Dual Full Rate (OSC-DFR) software.

Orthogonal Sub Channel (OSC) technology carries four calls in one GSM radio timeslot, effectively doubling the voice capacity of the GSM radio network.

The company said OSC-DFR will provide a 100% increase in GSM voice capacity and significantly enhanced speech quality. Operators who have deployed the commonly used Adaptive Multi Rate-Full Rate (AMR FR) in their networks can use the OSC-DFR feature to achieve unmatched speech quality and at the same time can nearly double their voice capacity. Nokia Siemens Networks' new GSM feature will be used in customer pilots from the end of June 2011.

"The new feature builds on our OSC innovation of 2009, and extends its capabilities by offering better speech quality along with an increase in voice handling capacity," said Kimmo Virkki, head of GSM product management at Nokia Siemens Networks. "OSC-DFR can reduce capital and operations expenditure for operators as it requires fewer carrier units and base station sites as well as less transport capacity. Moreover, the OSC-DFR feature allows operators to accommodate more voice and data traffic into the existing spectrum, thus facilitating the reuse or refarming of 3G/LTE services in GSM frequency bands."