Thursday, June 9, 2011

New M-PHY and UniPro Specs for Mobile Devices

The MIPI Alliance announced two new specifications for data transport performance in mobile devices such as smartphones and full-function phones, tablets/netbooks, digital cameras and high speed memory storage.

The M-PHY v1.0 offers an optimized physical layer with high bandwidth capabilities. It is a flexible serial interface with a data rate range spanning 10 kbps to near 6 Gbps. It offers multiple transmission modes plus a low energy per bit threshold rate. In addition, M-PHY is optical friendly, enabling an optional low-complexity electro-optical signal conversion and optical data transport.

The M-PHY physical layer is designed as the primary interface for MIPI's transport layer UniPro. This connection is accomplished via UniPort-M, the actual port coupling the two layers. By specifying a dedicated port, MIPI can insure that high performance data transport is maintained.

The UniPro v1.4 specification builds on the physical layer to provide a unified, layered protocol stack. It is suitable for a wide range of component types including application processors, co-processors and modems, as well as different types of data traffic. UniPro is scalable from a single link to network architecture.

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