Sunday, June 19, 2011

Narus and IBM Netezza Partner on CyberSecurity

Narus is partnering with IBM Netezza to sell cyber security solutions into the federal market. Narus has been an IBM Netezza Complementary Technology Partner since 2010.

The companies noted that advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks and other sophisticated cyber threats are causing significant disruptions to today's business environment, requiring organizations to evaluate their existing security solutions to determine if they provide adequate protection. Many have concluded that responding quickly to imminent cyber attacks requires maintaining situational awareness of their networks, predicting and detecting anomalous and malicious network traffic, and executing deep-dive forensics on large volumes of data captured over an extended period of time.

The joint solution combines Narus' powerful real-time network traffic monitoring and analytics with IBM Netezza's large-scale data analytics and data warehousing capabilities to identify malicious activities and determine the entire history of the cyber threat. The combined capability enables network and security operators to take appropriate corrective actions quickly, thus drastically improving protection against cyber attacks.

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