Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MRV Readies 100 Gbps DWDM Platform for Metro, Regional, Long-Haul

MRV Communications unveiled plans for a standards-based, 100Gbps DWDM optical transport solution for metro, regional and long-haul networks The new platform will leverage DP-QPSK modulation and coherent detection technologies to ensure backward compatibility with existing network infrastructure.

Separately, MRV also announced today that Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) will strengthen its existing, longtime partnership with MRV and plans to deploy MRV's 100Gbps optical transport solution. AMS-IX is one of the largest and fastest-growing Internet exchanges in the world. Currently, AMS-IX has deployed MRV's 10Gbps DWDM optical systems in its core network to enable backbone transport solutions which connect Internet exchange services.

"MRV OCS' new 100Gbps system will offer service providers a reliable solution that is fully compatible with existing 10/40Gbps optical transport networks and allow them to reap the financial benefits of next-generation services for years to come," said Barry Gorsun, President, for MRV OCS. "Bandwidth demand and IP traffic continue to increase without showing any sign of slowing. 100Gbps network capacity will soon become a very important component of the strategy of forward-thinking service providers."

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