Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Motorola Mobility Signs Time Warner Cable for Video Gateway

Motorola Mobility is working with Time Warner Cable to develop a video gateway platform incorporating the latest set-top and gateway-related technologies for the home. Motorola's DCX3600M Video Gateway includes built-in transcoding capabilities allowing it to take QAM MPEG-2 services and transcode to MPEG-4 for delivery to mobile devices including tablets and smartphones over the home network. The DCX3600M also provides operators with the flexibility to deliver a mixture of QAM and IP services. The device can tune up to six QAM services simultaneously, or it can access IP services delivered directly over DOCSIS.

"The migration of our network and in-home video services to IP represents an important shift as we look to provide our consumers with the most compelling user experience possible and we are excited to collaborate with Motorola in the area of video gateways," said Mike Hayashi, EVP, Architecture, Development and Engineering, Time Warner Cable. "These types of platforms will offer our customers greater flexibility when accessing our premium services."http://www.motorola.com/mobility

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