Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Industry Players Call for Compromise in LightSquared Interference Dispute

A coalition of network industry players are urging the FCC "to create an environment where
LightSquared and GPS can co-exist. Indeed, crafting such a solution is consistent with the charter of the
FCC, who defines its mission as promoting competition, innovation, and investment in broadband
services and encouraging the highest and best use of spectrum." The companies backing this position argue that the LightSquared network will sharply increase the nation's broadband capacity, enhancing wireless competition and providing additional choice, but that it most do so without compromising GPS. Thy believe there is room to develop a
"win-win" solution for America where LightSquared and GPS can co-exist. Over 30 companies signed the petition, including CENX, XO Communications, RCA-the competitive carriers association and others.http://cenx.com/node/120