Monday, June 6, 2011

Fujitsu Launches Global Cloud Service Powered by Windows Azure

Fujitsu is ready to launch a Global Cloud Platform service powered by Microsoft Windows Azure. The cloud service platform is now running in Fujitsu's datacenter in Japan and will be launched as a commercial service in August 2011.

The Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform service, FGCP/A5, is the result of the strategic partnership between Fujitsu and Microsoft on the development of a Fujitsu-branded cloud service running specifically on Fujitsu servers with scalable compute and storage powered by Windows Azure. The appliance will be operated from a Fujitsu datacenter in Japan, and will run the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform, FGCP/A5, the first cloud service hosted in Japan to provide Windows Azure developers with a familiar and consistent application and data platform.

FGCP/A5 offers a set of application development frameworks, such as Microsoft .NET, Java and PHP, and data storage capabilities consistent with the Windows Azure platform provided by Microsoft. The basic service consists of compute, storage, Microsoft SQL Azure and Windows Azure AppFabric technologies such as Service Bus and Access Control Service, with options for interoperating services covering implementation and migration of applications, system building, systems operation and support.

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