Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Empirix Provides Greater Visibility into Dropped Calls

Empirix announced enhancements to the Converged Assurance Platform, which provides mobile operators with greater visibility into the measurement, understanding and improvement of customer experience. The new release features upgrades to its underlying components, the IPXPlorer probes used for network data collection, and E-XMS, the solution's management and analytics software.

This version of the Empirix Converged Assurance Platform includes added capabilities for monitoring the interface between the Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network's (UTRAN's) circuit and packet switching core network and the IP core network. Empirix said the result is greater visibility into dropped calls, high-speed data interruptions, poor voice quality, video streaming issues and other problems resulting from inconsistent communications between user equipment and base stations. When combined with existing capabilities, this new functionality enables operators to validate handovers throughout the mobile broadband network and fully assess Quality of Application (QoA) metrics by following each communication event from start to finish. In this way, Empirix provides more than a superficial, general value for customer experience; it can report accurate QoE metrics for each mobile application that a subscriber accesses, such as video streaming, voice calls, mobile email and more.

In addition, Empirix added the ability to import and correlate data from external sources, including OSS, billing and other network monitoring systems. This data feeds the analytics engine, which selectively layers multiple data points, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and industry knowledge to present actionable intelligence for strategically enriching QoE.