Monday, June 6, 2011

AT&T Cuts Electricity Consumption by 16.6% in 2010

AT&T reduced the electricity intensity of its operations by 16.6% in 2010 by implementing a variety of programs, according to the company's newly released 2010 Sustainability Report. Significantly, A&T reduced the electricity associated with a terabyte of data from 498 kWh/terabyte of data in 2009 to 418 kWh/terabyte of data in 2010.

Some highlights of the 76 page report:

  • Realized $44 million in annualized energy savings from implementing 4,200 energy- savings projects

  • . AT&T's Domestic Carbon Footprint, which is company-wide greenhouse gas (GHG)
    emissions (metric tons CO2-equivalent) came in at 8,925,724, down slightly from 8,931,090 in 2009, and down from 9,066,626 in 2008.

  • By year end 2010, reached total deployment of 3,487 alternative-fuel vehicles in 538 cities as part of AT&T's 2009 plan to roll out approximately 15,000 alternative fuel vehicles through 2018. This includes 2,472 CNG vehicles, 1,013 Hybrid vehicles and 2 Electric vehicles.

  • Avoided the purchase of more than 1 million gallons of traditional petroleum fuel because of its use of compressed natural gas vehicles in its corporate fleet

  • Worked with students at Vanderbilt University to conduct an assessment of AT&T's water usage and publish the company's first ever water footprint

  • Participated in the Environmental Defense Fund's (EDF) Climate Corps program, an initiative to help companies identify large-scale energy efficiency opportunities. AT&T and EDF identified a potential savings of 80% in lighting-related electricity usage across more than 100 million square feet of AT&T space

  • Teamed with clean energy technology company Petra Solar to provide communications and information technology support for nearly 200,000 solar power generating stations atop utility poles throughout New Jersey. The units – which communicate with the power grid using AT&T's wireless network – are expected to generate 40 Megawatts of solar-driven power to communities.

  • AT&T produced 2,849,896 annual kWh of solar electricity in 2010, up from 1,626,221 annual kWh in 2009.

  • For 2011, AT&T has set a goal of reducing the electricity consumption across the company relative to data growth on its network by 17 percent as compared with year 2010.

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