Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zain Kuwait Focuses on Customer Experience with NSN

Zain Kuwait is using live network monitoring, reporting and analytics software from Nokia Siemens Networks to focus on the customer experience. Nokia Siemens Networks has developed two new platforms, Serve atOnce Traffica and Serve atOnce Intelligence, to provide improvements in mobile network quality by monitoring network traffic.

Nokia Siemens Networks' Serve atOnce Traffica is used to monitor end-to-end network performance for each service in real time, improving the quality of every voice call and SMS. Switching from traditional network-based alarms to subscriber-based alarms, Zain can prioritize customer problems with its operations department and proactively solve them even before the customer notices that there's an issue. This will help to speed up request and complaint resolution in customer care, boosting operational efficiency.

Zain Kuwait is also deploying Nokia Siemens Networks' reporting and analytics platform, Serve atOnce Intelligence (SAI). Integrated with the existing Nokia Siemens Networks' subscriber data management and device management platforms, SAI draws data from multiple sources and reflects real-time user patterns in dynamic and flexible dashboards that show mobile terminal performance in the network, roaming, international call performance as well as Service Level Agreement reporting for Zain's corporate customers. It is expected to allow Zain to segment customers on the basis of terminal, service, value and use of the platform as well its customer experience, allowing it to sharpen the focus of its marketing campaigns.

The roll-out marks the region's first such extensive customer experience management deployments.

"Improving customer experience is the best way to differentiate from the competition," added Mounzer El-Achmar, head of the Zain Kuwait customer team at Nokia Siemens Networks. "In that respect, Zain has shown great foresight in not just focusing on reactive problem solving in customer care but emphasizing the delivery of an improved customer experience at each stage in the customer journey."http://www.nsn.com

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