Monday, May 16, 2011

Xilinx Acquires Sarance Technologies for 100G

Xilinx has acquired Sarance Technologies for an undisclosed sum.

Sarance Technologies is a leading supplier of ASIC and FPGA IP cores targeted at the packet processing space. The cores include Interlaken IP, classification and traffic management IP. Its solutions consist of very configurable, highly-FPGA-optimized portfolio of chip-to-chip interconnect focused on the Ethernet, Interlaken, and the Network Search Engine market segments. The companies said the Sarance IP is capable of scaling to 400G rates for bridging in an FPGA. Their IP along with Virtex FPGAs has allowed Xilinx to present optimized solutions to customers where many competitive alternatives require larger or non-optimized solutions that force compromises on features and performance.

Xilinx said the acquisition strengthens its portfolio for addressing next generation line card applications by adding premier connectivity communications capabilities. The new connectivity solution portfolio enables Xilinx to address the fast growing demand for 40G, 100G and beyond Interlaken, Ethernet and High-Speed Ethernet applications as well as new requirements for meeting 400G Ethernet system needs.

The latest acquisition follows the recent additions of Omiino Ltd. and Modelware to Xilinx's overall strategic portfolio.

"The insatiable global demand for bandwidth is drastically increasing constraints on network infrastructures and operators. Customers are increasing line card bandwidths well into the 200 Gbps to 400 Gbps and leading Ethernet MAC and Scalable Interlaken solutions are key for enabling FPGAs to play a central role in these applications," said Krishna Rangasayee Corporate Vice President & General Manager, Xilinx Communications Business Unit. "Sarance's expertise and portfolio is recognized throughout the industry. Bringing the MAC and Interlaken market leader into our fold gives Xilinx the ability to increase and accelerate the displacement of ASSPs and ASICs in many 40G/100G and beyond programs."http:/

  • Sarance Technologies is based in Ottawa, Ontario.