Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wazco Presents Multi-Sector LTE MetroCell

Wazco, in conjunction with Interphase, AirHop Communications, and DataSoft Corporation, presented its MetroStorm and MetroStorm Cluster small-cell base stations for LTE operators.

The Wazco Multi-Sector MetroStorm consists of a single self-contained fully-integrated enclosure, hosting up to 4 coordinated sectors, powered via standard interfaces available on street lights, power poles or other similar devices. The company said its approach does not rely on MIMO, beam-forming and other antenna techniques which require each path to have its own set of RF hardware. The Wazco MetroStorm utilizes an innovative approach – each of its sector's power amplifiers are an integral part of the active antenna array, allowing up to four of its sector arrays to be self-contained within a single enclosure, removing the need for bulky cabinetry or additional equipment.

"Wazco's groundbreaking LTE MetroStorm provides everything needed to quickly deliver a first-of-its-kind, high-performance, well-differentiated small-cell base station to the LTE mobile-infrastructure market," said Mike Nasco, CEO and Co-founder of Wazco. "Bringing these industry leaders together provides a truly innovative, self-contained, self-organizing, self-optimizing, street-level network element."

"Our team's deep experience in RF innovation, specifically RF isolation management, RF shaping expertise and enclosure design have been leveraged to deliver more coverage, bandwidth, throughput, and user density per base station than other small-cell designs," commented, Ravindra Noubade, CTO and Co-founder of Wazco. "This has enabled Wazco to quickly develop a highly-innovative, 700 MHz LTE MetroStorm Antenna Array architecture, facilitating the sleek, aesthetically pleasing, self-contained, rapidly-deployable MetroStorm design demanded by both carriers and city managers."

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