Monday, May 9, 2011

Verizon Picks Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7120 Micro Packet ONP

Verizon has selected the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7120 Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform (Packet ONP) as the foundation of a communications infrastructure that provides ultra low latency performance, reliability, and expansion capability. The Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7120 Micro Packet ONP is a combination access WDM and intelligent edge service delivery platform.

"The Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7120 Micro Packet ONP is a key component to helping deliver the lowest latency in commercial deployments such as stock exchanges that typically support millions of trades per day in an environment where even a millisecond delay in trading can cost significant dollars," said Ihab Tarazi, vice president of global network planning for Verizon.

"In Verizon's year-long benchmarking tests run with a large stock exchange, our FLASHWAVE platforms outperformed service level agreements that demanded the lowest latency and the highest availability," said Rod Naphan, senior vice president of product and strategic planning at Fujitsu Network Communications. "Our solutions are designed to meet the most critical latency requirements, and as this Verizon deployment proves, our platforms are ideal for these tasks."

While performing benchmarking tests, Verizon used the Fujitsu NETSMART® 1500 carrier-class management solution to provision and monitor the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE equipment dedicated to the customer. The software helps assure optimum performance and availability while delivering instantaneous alarm reports, performance data tracking and graphing, and bandwidth capacity reports.

Fujitsu noted that its FLASHWAVE 7120 platform, when working in conjunction with other Fujitsu platforms, such as the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP, makes core-to-edge deployments possible without the need for back-to-back transponders and separate management systems.