Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ubiquisys Picks TI for Dual-mode WCDMA/LTE Small Cells

Ubiquisys, a developer of 3G and LTE intelligent cells, is working with Texas Instruments (TI) to develop a new generation of small cells that will offer dual-mode WCDMA/LTE capabilities with self-organizing capabilities.

Ubiquisys said dual-mode WCDMA/LTE small cells have a number of advantages. They provide a smooth migration to LTE, whilst providing the near-term need for WCDMA capacity and maintaining support for voice services. There are also significant power consumption and Capex advantages over separate systems.

The collaboration will fuel a new range of dual-mode WCDMA/LTE small cells for public space and metro environments, such as base stations designed for mounting on walls or street furniture, with performance up to 150Mbps LTE plus 64 calls/84Mbps WCDMA. The first products will be available in 1H 2012.http://www.ubiquisys.com/

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