Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taqua Introduces New High-Capacity IP eXchange Peering Applications

Taqua introduced a new high-capacity IP peering application for its flagship Taqua T7000 Intelligent Switching System (T7000). Taqua's IP eXchange (IPX) is designed to provide fixed, mobile, and enterprise network operators a high-capacity, secure, low-cost peering solution for IP interconnect.

Taqua said its T7000 multi-media gateway and controller enables operators to converge voice, data, and video traffic onto a common IP infrastructure to deliver improved margins and interconnect traffic across multilateral interconnects. Configured for IP peering applications, the T7000's session densities can exceed over 60,000 concurrent SIP sessions, equivalent to 120,000 G.711 ports.

"Taqua combines high session densities, security, and CODEC diversity all within a carrier grade platform that has been deployed by hundreds of carriers for over a decade," said Scott Weidenfeller, chief marketing officer at Taqua, LLC. "Now deployed in high density IPX peering applications, the T7000's unique architecture has allowed Taqua to change the economics of high-capacity switching applications and carriers can benefit dramatically via reduced session costs."

Taqua's T7000 Intelligent Switching System is a high-density media gateway, Class 4, Class 5, and/or wireless media gateway and wireless media gateway controller in a single chassis. As a high-density media gateway, the Taqua T7000 can provide the necessary high capacity IP-IP and IP-TDM media gateway (MG) and media processing/server function (MRF). With a comprehensive set of fixed and mobile voice and video codecs and transcoding functionality, the T7000 enables a smooth evolution of the next generation IMS-based network to support real-time services over 4G/LTE with interworking capability with legacy networks. The flexibility of the T7000 architecture allows for per-channel allocation of each resource for transcoding or gateway on a per-session basis.

Taqua also announced that that IntelePeer has chosen its T7000 Intelligent Switching System (T7000) for high-capacity peering applications. IntelePeer provides on-demand, cloud-based communications services to service providers, contact centers and enterprises. These services provide high quality voice and multimodal communications to any phone or network-connected device. The company's "SuperRegistry" directory, with more than 400 million telephone numbers and end point identifying addresses, enables an intelligent Media Peering Grid that directly transports over 20 billion minutes annually between wireless and wireline phones, and IP devices.http://www.taqua.com http://www.intelepeer.com

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