Thursday, May 19, 2011

SURFnet Selects Ciena for Coherent 100G

SURFnet, which operates an advanced research network in The Netherlands, will upgrade its backbone with support for full photonic flexibility and the deployment of 100 Gbps on international links connecting the Netherlands to research communities like CERN in Switzerland.

SURFNet is using Ciena's ActivFlex 6500 Packet-Optical Platform equipped with WaveLogic coherent optical processors and ActivSpan Common Photonic Layer. Ciena's ActivFlex 6500 platform, supports both coherent 40G and 100G transmission, allowing SURFnet to gradually scale its network as requirements change. Combined with Ciena's ActivSpan Common Photonic Layer, the solution supports ROADM functionality throughout the network.

SURFnet supports more than one million education and research users across the Netherlands. Its existing mixed 10G/40G optical backbone – built by Ciena – is one of the most advanced networks in the world, enabling a collaborative environment for the Dutch research and education community and its peers worldwide. In December 2010 SURFnet awarded Ciena a contract to continue building the current SURFnet optical network, which will include advanced coherent optical solutions that allow SURFnet to expand and enhance its network by upgrading capacity and adding full photonic flexibility to the core infrastructure.

Ciena noted that it has shipped in excess of 7,000 coherent 40G/100G line interfaces to more than 80 customers across the globe with more than 5.5 million coherent kilometres deployed. Research and education organisations using Ciena equipment include RENATER (France), CANARIE (Canada), Internet2 (US), and JANET (UK).