Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunrise Telecom Adds Mobile Backhaul Verification Tools

Sunrise Telecom has enhanced its RxT test platform with new capabilities for mobile backhaul installation and service activation, including for trunks used to support LTE.

The RxT includes network verification capabilities for legacy Time Domain Multiplexing E1/T1, and SONET/SDH interfaces used in second and third generation (2G and 3G) mobile networks. It also provides IntelliSAM -- a comprehensive ITU-T Y.1564 Carrier Ethernet service activation test capability along with a unique bandwidth profile measurement algorithm developed to dramatically surpass the carrier Ethernet activation methodology previously offered in RFC2544.

"The first of its kind, the RxT's mobile backhaul verification capability increases productivity by allowing technicians to seamlessly keep pace with next generation backhaul systems and successfully manage the transition from E1/T1 and SONET/SDH to Ethernet," said Bahaa Moukadam, Sunrise Telecom's chief executive officer. "Technicians need end-to-end visibility in the network to quickly identify problems, decrease mean time to repair and avoid service level agreement penalties."

Sunrise Telecom's mobile backhaul solution includes the RxT-2270 E1, RXT2380 SONET/SDH, the RXT2500 Dual 1GE and the RXT5000 10GE modules, which are all available today through the company's worldwide distribution channels. The recently introduced IntelliSAM, the most comprehensive Carrier Ethernet service activation methodology helps verify service level agreements. This single platform solution reduces training time due to the familiar user-interface across all technologies.http://www.sunrisetelecom.com

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