Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shenick Shows Cloud Application Flow Testing

Shenick Network Systems introduced a virtual per-flow test solution for cloud computing environments.

Shenick's diversifEye VM can emulate and analyze real time IP traffic in cloud environments right down to each individual application flow, leading to highly granular issue identification and a quicker time to resolve problems. All tests can be carried out in a virtualized mode. The end result is virtualized network performance that is better understood and more reliable with greater visibility of virtual IP networks.

demand on the network infrastructure and has resulted in serious problems for network operators who need to assess the performance and capabilities of these virtual networks quickly," said Kevin Glavin, CTO, Shenick. "So-called 'Bit-blast' testing is just not enough anymore. Service sophistication is migrating onto the virtualised environment. Services such as firewalling, load balancing and IDS/IPS are being deployed within the virtualization infrastructure so test tools are needed that can work within these environments without requiring physical test ports. Using diversifEye and diversifEye VM all these test scenarios can be covered. It also gives vendors an easy migration path, where they can use existing hardware with just a software upgrade to diversifEye VM."

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