Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sandvine Lands 3 More Wireless ISPs for it Network Policy Control

Sandvine named three new wireless ISP customers using its network policy control platform: Alaska-based GCI, Michigan-based Thumb Cellular, and Carolina West Wireless.

Thumb Cellular is using Sandvine for the deployment of bandwidth-based service tiers, which allows them to provide 3G data services with a high degree of customer satisfaction. Thumb is also deploying Fairshare Traffic Management to ensure quality Internet access for their subscribers at all times of the day.

Carolina West Wireless, a North Carolina-based ISP that offers data and mobile services, is using Sandvine's network policy control solutions' device awareness capabilities to detect tethered devices.

"In today's dynamic broadband industry, Sandvine is proud to be able to meet the evolving needs of GCI, Thumb Cellular, and Carolina West Wireless with our flexible network policy control solutions," said Dave Caputo, President and CEO, Sandvine. "In working with all ISPs, our goal is to help defer CapEx, reduce OpEx and increase revenue through the introduction of new service offerings such as tethering detection and tiered billing services, while continuing to maintain a high-quality subscriber Internet experience."