Monday, May 23, 2011

PMC-Sierra's POLO 40G Coherent Enables Double Port Density

PMC-Sierra introduced a 40 Gbps System-on-Chip (SoC) solution for coherent optical transmission in metro, regional and longhaul networks. The chip doubles line card density and reduces power consumption by more than 50 percent when compared to 40G non-coherent network deployments.

Coherent optical technology eliminates the need for widely deployed optical equipment such as dispersion compensation management (DCM) and dispersion compensated fiber (DCF). PMC-Sierra said its integrated design enables OEM line cards to transition from today's two- or three-slot implementations to single-slot. As a result, Carriers can more than double faceplate density and reduce power consumption by 50 percent, as line card tuneable dispersion compensators (TCMs) are no longer required.

PMC-Sierra's POLO 40G is a 43-Gbps - 50-Gbps transceiver/modem IC supporting Coherent Intradyne transmission/reception of DP-(D)QPSK optical signals. It features a DSP engine which includes a chromatic dispersion equalizer, a 2x2 MIMO-style equalizer to compensate PMD/SOPMD, Carrier and Polarization Recovery, and a 4-path, 4-quadrant slicer and differential decoder (DQPSK), Serializer, Deserializer and Clock and Data Recovery (CDR). The platform provides an SFI 5.1 client interface and a fully OIF-compliant line side DP-(D)QPSK interface that seamlessly integrate into MSA optical modules and onto a line card with next-generation CFP2 optical modules. POLO 40G also incorporates flash ADC technology with background calibration to maintain operating performance in demanding Carrier environments.

"With the explosion of bandwidth demand driving the need to upgrade existing metro, regional and longhaul fiber infrastructures to 40Gb/s and beyond, POLO 40G will be a key enabler to make the optical buildout a reality," said Daryn Lau, vice president and general manager of PMC-Sierra's Communication Products Division. "PMC-Sierra has significant experience in delivering innovative products to enable evolving Carrier network requirements. Our POLO 40G is uniquely positioned to provide the combination of bandwidth per unit, power and cost when compared to existing multi-slot coherent solutions even in cost-sensitive Carrier Ethernet service point-to-point and metro deployments."