Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pioneer Deploys Actelis' Broadband Accelerators

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, which serves more than 140,000 lines in Oklahoma and southern Kansas, is deploying Actelis Networks' Broadband Accelerators (BBAs) to deliver broadband services with greater coverage area to residential subscribers who typically have been underserved or unserved.

The Actelis BBA helps deliver broadband to residences that are too far from a central office or remote DSLAM. The environmentally unit is line powered by the existing POTS infrastructure and can be used on any ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ line. The unit can boost broadband rates by as much as 100% on typical loops and more than 400% on long loops. This is sufficient for delivering broadband at 4 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream.

"BBAs have enabled Pioneer to deliver broadband services to a greater number of customers across a geographically challenging serving area," said Lloyd Green, department manager of new technologies at PTC. "BBAs provide an extremely effective, low-cost solution that has helped Pioneer meet increasing customer demand for broadband, while staying ahead of our competitors by providing the necessary broadband rates, reach and reliability."

Actelis also noted that it has been recognized by Infonetics Research as the #1 global supplier of Ethernet over bonded-copper Ethernet Access Devices (EADs). . This marks the third consecutive year Actelis has been recognized by Infonetics Research as the number one global market leader for Ethernet over bonded-copper products. According to the Infonetics report, Actelis led with a market share of 40%.http://www.actelis.com http://ww.ptci.com

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