Monday, May 16, 2011

Norway's Direct Connext deploys Exalt Microwave Backhaul Systems

Direct Connect, an ISP bringing broadband services to rural Norway, is deploying Exalt Comunications' ExtendAir, ExploreAir, and EX systems microwave backhaul systems to extend its network into communities throughout the country. The equipment will replace fiber lines leased from a competitor as it connects community-based customer networks with the core of its network.

The Exalt systems help Direct Connect maintain a 15% annual subscriber growth rate while keeping networking costs at a minimum. For example, in a link between the cities of Bergen and Voss, Direct Connect is using three Exalt microwave systems to connect a node serving 320 subscribers, and by doing so is replacing a leased fiber connection costing nearly 240,000 Norwegian Kroner (NOK) per year (US equivalent $43,000).

Depending on the link, the Exalt EX, ExploreAir and ExtendAir microwave systems use licensed frequencies to deliver from 80 to 800 Mbps of Ethernet traffic over distances ranging up to 49 kilometers (approximately 30 miles). Direct Connect has chosen Exalt EX split-mount systems to meet the stringent requirements of a military base in its network, and all-outdoor ExploreAir and ExtendAir systems to support all other locations.