Thursday, May 12, 2011

NBN Co Selects Fujitsu Australia for $100M Contract

NBN Co has appointed Fujitsu Australia Limited as its prime alliance partner to deliver fibre infrastructure under a contract valued at over $100M for the first 12 months. Fujitsu will manage the design, construction and associated works for the deployment of fibre to new developments. The company was chosen because it has "the capacity and scale of operations to meet NBN Co's unique requirement for the deployment of fibre to a large number of discrete locations across the country simultaneously."

NBN Co CEO, Mike Quigley said: "Since 1 January 2011 NBN Co has received more than 1,480 applications from developers of new estates, representing approximately 133,000 premises to be connected across Australia. These applications are submitted for individual stages of developments, but due to different construction timeframes and housing demand, fibre deployment will be spread over a period of up to three years. NBN Co will work with developers to deploy fibre as and when it is needed."

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