Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mu Dynamics Enables Application-Aware Network Testing

Mu Dynamics introduced its latest set of testing tools for recreating multiple types of applications– including Web, enterprise and mobile apps – at scale, to determine how they impact networks.

Mu Studio 6, which builds on the company's recently announced application test content, as well as Mu TestCloud, is able to recreate actual production traffic. New capabilities for service providers and enterprises include:

Application Mix support – Using the Mu Studio Multi-Track capability, testers can now recreate their entire mix of applications on the production network. For example, to recreate an operator's network, the tester can model a mix of different categories of applications, such as 30 percent video, 20 percent games, 10 percent IM, 30 percent enterprise apps and 10 percent social media.

Elastic Scale – Using the Mu Studio Remote Players, customers can achieve virtually unlimited scale by unifying multiple load generators. This enables scale tests that require the generation of millions of concurrent users and application flows to stress the network under production-like conditions.

Full integration with Mu TestCloud – Mu TestCloud is a cloud-based application test store with over 1,000 ready-to-run application tests across numerous categories including P2P apps, video, voice, games, social media, enterprise apps and more. With hundreds of new application tests being added each month, customers can access the most popular ones and their most current versions on different platforms. Mu Studio 6 is now integrated with the Mu TestCloud store, allowing testers to seamlessly download multiple tests and start running them within minutes.

Automation APIs – enabling customers to tightly integrate load and performance testing into their own test automation frameworks. The APIs allow organizations to use the language of their choice (such as Ruby, TCL, Perl and Python) to integrate Mu Studio 6 into their development, test and deployment lifecycle.

"The explosion of applications that make up today's networks are changing daily, which means that service providers need a testing solution that can keep up with this as they test and validate their application-level policies for security and QoS," said Simon Berman, vice president of products, Mu Dynamics. "Mu Studio 6 gives network operators the ability to quickly recreate the volatile application traffic mix on their networks at the highest levels of scale to ensure the best possible levels of security and performance for their customers."